Why choose ARIA.ONE Conference & Consulting?

ARIA.ONE has 28 years of knowledge, experience and market expertise

At ARIA.ONE we are passionate about delivering superior, world class events.

Our experienced and dynamic team, reliable and trusted suppliers, individual approach to our client/partner, diverse and customized marketing mix, budget transparency, fund raising, interactive system for registrations, abstracts collections, ONLINE payment and much more…. will ensure the success of your event.

28 years of knowledge, experience and market expertise have led ARIA.ONE to the forefront of international conference management and to becoming one of the region’s leading Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs).  We set up in Belgrade Serbia while managing the activities of the Yugoslav Association for Endoscopic Surgery – JUEH, the first independent professional association in the country and region, established in March 1996.  We have hosted over 300 Conference events with more than 40.000 participants.

We are a reliable partner delivering excellence and solutions to all challenges. ARIA.ONE truly delivers expertise with personal, local know-how to your custom-tailored event.  Our partners have come to rely on ARIA.ONE as a competent, loyal, and trusted advisor.

Our Mision:

To be a facilitator of meetings for global exchange of professional knowledge in medical, scientific and other professions, based upon our core values of integrity and excellence.

Our Vision:

To be a reliable partner delivering excellence and solutions to all challenges to make your event successful.

Our Values:

  • A complete service and comprehensive solution. You can expect and will receive a customized solution for the organization of your live congresses, conferences, webinars, virtual and hybrid events.
  • Joint work with our client / partners and continuous improvementsin preparation and realization of your event throughout the process.
  • The overall results of the organized conference event will be to the satisfaction of all involved.
  • Business aspects of the event will be realized in accordance with the best international business practice models, and project management principles and practices.
  • The Brand of each of our partners should become stronger and gain in visibility as a result of the conference event organized.
  • Long-term collaboration with our partners.
About Us

From our first years in business until today

Our story began 28 years ago in March 1996

We set up while managing the activities of the Yugoslav Association for Endoscopic Surgery – JUEH, the first independent professional association in the country and region, established in March 1996. and fully operational until 2003.

Already then, we thought that organizing conference events, congresses, conferences, symposia, plenaries, workshops and other platforms for the implementation of the process of education, training and continuous professional development, in accordance with the best international practice, requires a dedicated and comprehensive approach.

ARIA Conference & Events Ltd., from 2003 to 2016….. ARIA.ONE Conference & Consulting Ltd. 2017 to present

ARIA.ONE founded in Belgrade Serbia has a long-standing history as a pioneer in the events industry in the region: started with the Yugoslav Association for Endoscopic Surgery – JUEH in 1996, to ARIA Conference & Events Ltd., (2003 to 2016) and to ARIA.ONE Conference & Consulting as of January 2017.

March 2021...25 successful years

ARIA.ONE Conference & Consulting with a silver anniversary honoring 28 years, is a reliable partner delivering excellence as a PCO (Professional Conference Organizer) in live, virtual and hybrid conference events management.

With 28 years of knowledge, experience, and market expertise, we are now at the forefront of conference management.  Our approach is based on our business and developmental experience as a long-standing leader in this field.

Our object is clear – to enhance your conference participants’ already excellent experience. 

Below we have highlighted some of our innovative and largest events. Read more about our events and references 2017 – 2020.


Everything in 2020 and, as we can assume, in 2021 is inevitably related to the COVID-19 Pandemic realities.

The pandemic our world is facing caught everyone by surprise at the beginning of 2020 and required us to manage amidst huge uncertainty: uncertainty as to when we can travel again, uncertainty as to when business events will return and uncertainty as to when the pandemic will be over.

Another key consideration in this situation is the importance of remaining optimistic. ARIA.ONE remained optimistic, shared and communicated with our partners, and therefore this pandemic has opened our eyes to new opportunities that are arising from the uncertainty. Virtual events and have become the new norm (for now…). As all PCOs we are learning, understanding and specializing in this ONLINE world. This is exactly what ARIA.ONE is doing. We help to facilitate sharing and communication between for our partners. We are conducting successful conferences on virtual platforms and more is coming soon. The exciting launch of our new website took place in March 2021, and our digital solutions are more relevant than ever!

FEMS 2020 ONLINE Conference on Microbiology – Federation of European Microbiology Society in partnership with the SSM – Serbian Society of Microbiology: Unique and first ever ONLINE International 4-day conference, 28-31 October 2020, this overwhelming successful event featured a COVID-19 roundtable, 70+ invited international lecturers & panelists, 600+ participants, 60+ prerecorded ONLINE lectures, over 20 LIVE STREAM Round table/panels, over 500 e-Video Presentations & Posters.

This international Microbiology Conference come as a natural next step of a long standing, over 15 years long collaboration with the SSM, where first SEE Regional Congresses MICROMED 1 & 2, have been successfully organized in 2017 and  2018, with more than 350 participants each.  

1st ONLINE Congress of the International Society of Preventive Pediatrics – IAPP: First full-fledged ONLINE 3-day Congress in Pediatrics in Serbia and
region, from 20-22 November 2020.

This successful international event featured 50+ invited international, regional and Serbian lecturers, 300 + participants, 40+ prerecorded ONLINE lectures, over 10 LIVE STREAM Round table/panels, and over 30 e-Video Presentations & Posters.

This international Microbiology Conference come as a natural next step of a long standing, over 6 years long collaboration with the UPPS – Serbian Association of Preventive Pediatrics, where, in April 2019, after 3 successfully organized Congresses, International Association for SEE regional development & growth has been formed.


Wine Open No 1: 28th-29th June 2019, Belgrade Hilton Hotel

This successful innovative VINICULTURE event featured more than 20 reputable international (from more than 10 countries) and more than 30 national exhibitors, 300 + participants/guests, more than 10 workshops & master-classes held by reputable experts and much more…


6th Congress of the Serbian Society for Preventive Pediatrics-UPPS: 12-14th April 2019, Belgrade Zira Hotel

Major National Congress with international participations, featured more than 70 invited lecturers, 520 + participants, more than 10 Panels/Round table discussion, mover 200 Abstract Posters, etc.


The first South East European Congress of Emergency and Disaster Medicine: 21-23 June 2018, Belgrade Hilton Hotel

First ever Congress of a National Association in the SEE region, Serbian DLUMS, officially endorsed by the European Association-EUSEM. Congress featured 40+ invited international & regional lecturers from over 20 countries, 400+ participants, and a very diverse and interactive presentational formats.


13th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine – WCPM: 27-29 October 2017, Belgrade Sava Conference Center

World Congress and one of the largest biomedicine Conference Events held in Belgrade to date with more than 120 invited international & regional lecturers and 1.500 + participants.


65th ESCVS International Congress of the European Society for Cardiovascular & Endovascular Surgery – CORE PCO:  21-24 April 2016, Belgrade Intercontinental Hotel

Major European Congress with more than 50 invited international lecturers and over 1000 participants.


Project: “Establishment of Hungarian – Serbian fluvial border crossing stations at the river Tisa”

EU Cross-border Collaboration between Hungary and Serbia/Vojvodina provinces and counties.

Innovative approach, combining 3 boat trips down the Danube and Tisa rivers in May and July 2015, for more than 150 representatives of Hungarian and Vojvodina Customs, Border Police, Government officials and tourism journalists, combined with numerous educational and training events.


Days of the Serbian Medical Diaspora 2012 Serbian Medical Chamber: 4-16th October 2012 (five locations – Belgrade x 3 / Vrnjacka Banja / Surdulica)


2006 SEE Hospital 1, 2008 SEE Hospital 2 & 2011 Leaders in HMC – 3 International Healthcare Management conferences

Three first ever organized International Healthcare Management Conference in the SEE Region on innovative regional health management initiatives.

Innovative approach, collaboration with relevant European, regional and local organizations & institutions, total of more than 100 International Invited lectures and total of 1.000+ participants at three Conferences.



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